Queen Empress of Procrastination
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I'm going to do "X"... but first I'm going to do "A-W" so I'll be ready and prepared to do "X"... Meanwhile, at "D" I notice "Z" and "1-8Gazillion" and don't want to just leave those things undone as long as I'm thinking about them!

I will not let myself down. The fact that the potential acceptance or rejection of "X" are both absolutely TERRIFYING is not going to stop me from doing it!!

Merry Christmas!
sad leia
I hope everyone is spending this holiday with family and/or friends.

Many blessings to all.

sad leia
I'm *very* motivated to write. I want to write for fun (fanfiction), for fun and posterity (original fiction), or for knowledge (a professional piece that can cross over as semi-academic to use as a writing sample for an application to go back to uni for a phd). What I lack is focus.

Focus is hard for me anyway because my mind is constantly swirling through a million ideas at once - then add fibromyalgia, which at the best of times can make your thinking a little foggy - then add extreme stress - then add paranoia because of finding out that 2 people in town certainly hate me enough to go out of their way to hurt me, and so if there are 2 there must be more, right? - then add being in the middle of testing to figure out why I get nauseous every time I eat - then add getting used to a new medication that has a known side effect of fatigue and confusion... and where was I again? Oh, yeah. Focus.
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Not such a great day in the world
sad leia
Puts my own stresses, upsets and frustrations in proportion for a bit.

A mass shooting at a primary school in the US, killing 20 children! A mass stabbing at a school in China injuring 22 children. Several other shootings & deaths...

Our world has gone mad, and I with it.

This Onion article (warning, laden with cussing) pretty well sums up my feelings on this matter - in fact, it's like whomever wrote it was listening in on my inner voice.

Been a few years...
sad leia
So, I haven't been around LJ for a while was my last post around 3 and a half years ago and since then I haven't been around LJ for a VERY long time!

Thinking of giving this place a go again if for no other reason than because of its more secure anonymity than facebook! Recently got hacked there by trolls :( Can't abandon it completely though as it's my main means of communicating with my family who live thousands of kilometres away from where I live. But I definitely am not safe to express my personal opinion there where a troll with a personal grudge might hack in and use whatever she finds as an excuse to harass me in real life! /rant

Anyway, sort of been floating about in a forum here for a month or so, but thought, today being my birthday, I'd give the rest of the old LJ a go as well. Pretty easy as after 3.5 years I know no one is looking!

Hello Livejournal! How have you been?
~Love, aliaseverus
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Yes, I am this big a dork
I r nerd by boz4pm
When I saw this (http://www.reuters.com/article/topNews/idUSTRE56N5W520090724?feedType=RSS&feedName=topNews ) article, the first thing I thought - just from the title of the article is

OMG No! Don't believe them! The vaccination is only their way of selecting the 10% they're giving to the aliens!!!


ETA: http://www.reuters.com/article/newsOne/idUSTRE56N41Y20090724 ZOMG!! I'm telling you! It's the eebil guberment - they're going to give 10% of the kids "vaccinated" to the eebil "are you my mummy" wannabe aliens!!!

Chocolate covered chocolate!
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Who's got the awesomest Grandma EVER?


I just got an Easter care box from my Grandma with four boxes of Chocolate covered chocolate marshmallow BUNNIES!

I could have had them on Thursday if I'd remembered to check my mail box - mail here is a bank of boxes about a half mile down the road - I usually take a walk down to get it after I get home for the exercise, but I was lazy on Thursday and forgot until I was talking with my Grandma today (yes, I call her every Sunday) and she asked if I'd gotten them.

Awesomest Grandma EVER!

Dr. Who Easter Special
Some totally awesome and generous and kind and amazing and saintworthy person in the UK kindly posted the new Doctor Who special on youtube *blesses her*.

I watched it there with not a single iota of guilt - I'll watch it when it shows here in June too. Below are obviously serious spoilers and mention of the preview for the next special without any details.

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When fandoms collide
SG1 brief
Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II were on TV today and since I was being lazy...

Oh HAI new mean angel from Supernatural! (Kurt Fuller)
Oh HAI Larry from Numb3rs! (Peter MacNicol)

Loved the Ghostbusters movies when they came out but I'd forgotten these two were in them!

Then there's also William Atherton who has been on Numb3rs and SG1
Ernie Hudson was on an ep of SG1
Harris Yulin was on X-files and Buffy

It's like a six degrees of separation from all my favourite shows!

*is sad*
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Also, I've got to do something about this new obsession with Numb3rs. Trolling the internet for videos! Cursing CBS for listing really tempting videos of full episodes then luring me into clicking on them only to pop up in red letters that the video isn't available in my area!!  and there's so little available on youtube!! I keep watching that over and over!


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